11.5" Double Edge Dagger

11.5" Double Edge Dagger



High carbon tempered steel: 4130
This weapon is made of a high carbon steel which has been hardened by heating to 1500 degrees, quenched by plunging into a cold water bath, then tempered by holding at 450 degrees for a half hour. Hardening made it rigid but brittle, tempering removed the brittleness while leaving the hardness. It is warrantied to withstand any normal or combat use without breaking, bending, or chipping. If any of those should occur, please return to us and we will fix or replace the blade. 

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The handle material over the solid tang of the weapon is not warrantied, as those are considered wear and tear items. They may last a lifetime of light use but if the weapon is used daily, it is fully expected that you will end up replacing them, perhaps many times. 

Keep the blade oiled and do not store inside a leather scabbard. Scabbards are for wearing a weapon but over time exposes it to humidity and causes rusting. The blade may be sharpened for better cutting or dulled for stage combat use by use of a stone or even belt sander. The blade, in general, should be maintained by steeling, which will not cause wear.